February, 2021


During a conversation with a work colleague, she expressed that one of our mutual friends had a “nice personality”, I agreed with her as I have often thought the same of this friend.  I started to think about this deeply and began wondering what is a “nice personality” and how does someone get a “nice personality”?  The question that came to my mind whilst I was having these thoughts was; “is a person gifted with a nice personality or can one develop a nice personality”, to help myself explore this further I tried to define the concept of one’s personality to myself and also started to think about people that I would say have a nice personality. I then posed the question to myself as to what it is about these people that makes their personality nice?

I decided to enlist the help of my very good friend George Coxon and I would like to acknowledge my thanks to George.  George loves mind-maps and I am using his wonderful mind-map to explore this further.

George’s 7 personality points:

  1. It’s the heart of the person and it comes from the heart.
  2. It’s based on inheritance, experiences, confidence, disposition, luck.
  3. We develop a personality based on life events; how adaptive we are; the way that we talk to ourselves.
  4. Being reflective and receptive are essential to personality development.
  5. The assumption and misconception is the more prominent and outward going/gregarious the bigger your personality!
  6. Words associated with personality; character, disorder, attraction, how we react to pressure.
  7. Characteristics of a great personality; people who I admire, who inspire or impress me. The sum of a person’s psychological, emotional and social being.  Nature or nature?

George’s 7 points aligned quite closely to the conclusions that I had come to myself; which was that, in my opinion , a good personality is a combination of factors, which for me include:

Authenticity – how sincere, genuine and honest a person.

Respect – how they treat others and themselves.

Self-awareness – how one assess themselves, responds and adapts to feedback and understands the impact they have on others.

Like George, I believe that a personality is developed through life experiences, personal characteristics and willingness to reflect and adjust.

As for people who I think have a nice personality, I didn’t want to embarrass any of my close friends, family and work colleagues so will only name a few public figures,  Jacinda Arden, Nicola Adams, Dina Asher-Smith and Monty Don.

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