Good Habits To Keep

March, 2021

Good Habits To Keep

This month marks exactly a year since we went into lockdown for the first time here in the UK.  For me the experience brought a range of emotions, fear, anxiety, a sense of duty in playing my part in keeping us all safe, uncertainty and questions about the unknown.  I am sure everyone will have gone through there own similar and different emotions, in fact I distinctly remember seeing a quote that summed these differences up well, “same storm different boat”.  I think the quote was from the writer Damian Barr, apologies if I got that wrong.  I recall that the weather was particularly good in the UK and for those of us who are fortunate enough to have outdoor space we were able to enjoy the weather, perhaps helping to make being stuck at home much more bearable.  Across the country people took on new hobbies, interests and shared their experiences; creating a sense of togetherness despite the challenging circumstances.

The subsequent lockdowns for me were different, not only because the seasons had changed and the weather wasn’t so great, but it also started to feel a bit long haul.  On reflection I realise that this change caused a change in my mind-set; suddenly, instead of thinking about when it would end and counting down, I started to work on learning to live with it.  I had to find ways of achieving some normality and doing the things that I love doing or find new things to love doing.  The outcome of this was that I picked up some great habits which have become normal practice for me and I am committed to continuing to do them even after lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

I would very much like to hear about the good habits that you would like to keep, please share them with us.

Here’s mine

  • I cook really well and we spend more time eating together with my family.
  • I’ve dramatically reduced the additional work hours that I use to do and have a much healthier work-life blend.
  • I’ve completely stopped drinking alcohol and feel so much better.

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