Being Individual

April, 2021

Being An Individual

I have been practicing meditation for a few years now; I took an interest in it some years ago during a period of being unwell with chronic exhaustion.  I also have trouble staying asleep at night and have tried using meditation to help with this.  I have tried different forms of meditation, but have always struggled with distraction, an issue that some of you who meditate will have experienced. I find my mind racing with thoughts and have difficulty freeing myself of thoughts.  This reflects in my daily life as I would describe myself as someone who is unable to do nothing in the sense that I wake up early and I am busy from the moment I rise until I go to bed; trying to fit in as much as I possibly can.

I was wondering about how I could learn being and improve my meditation practice.  What do I mean by that; well I have read a lot about being rather than doing and was thinking about what this meant and how I could get better at it. What would that mean for me personally and what does it involve?  I thought if I could do this well then not only would I become better at meditating, but it would also translate into my day to day life and I would be able to do nothing, which in my mind meant being.  I became intrigued and decided to explore this through one of my coaching sessions.

So I raised this at a coaching session, which turned out to be a truly powerful experience with thanks to my coach.  During the coaching session, he started to explore what I meant by being and why it was important to me.  This exploration and discussion uncovered for me how I was determining the definition of being on the basis of what I had been reading and how others experience being.   This was profound as I realised that I had my own way of being and this wasn’t going to be the same as someone else’s or as described in what I had been reading.  You might think that this is obvious, but it wasn’t for me as I realised that some of the things that I busy myself doing are actually my way of being, like listening to music, running and going for walks.  I am already good at being I just didn’t identify my own being.

Since I uncovered this, my meditation has significantly improved as I have started doing it in ways that are personal to me like walking meditations.

The learning for me is that being is individual and we all have our own ways of being. Have you discovered your individual being?

This blog is dedicated to a very good coach Paul Noone.

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